Assistance with Privacy Settings

This means that your Xbox account was setup with a DOB (date of birth) less than 18yro, so your parent has to create an XBOX Account, add you to the Family Group, and allow your access.

Steps for Doing this:

1 - Parent create an XBOX account: Create Account

2 - Parent add your account to the family: Add Family

3 - Parent modify your online settings: Modify Settings

Tips for Parents:

  1. Log in under your account.
  2. Go to "privacy & online safety" page.
  3. on the page you should see your profile and your child(s).
  4. click on the child profile pic, it should be green now.
  5. click the "Xbox One Online Safety" tab.
  6. Allow everything but "buy and download".
  7. Click save at the bottom!
  8. click the "Xbox 360 Online Safety" tab.
  9. allow the first 2 "Accept Friend Requests" and "Online Gameplay".
  10. make sure you click save.
  11. Done!

Click here if your birthday was entered incorrectly in Xbox
(Be sure to login in & out of your Xbox account after doing this)

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